don’t use hsl for anything
rgb is still the superior format
how to get a job coding in 2021, part 2
Inspiration on where to start
how to get a job coding in 2021, part 1
How to make lots of money and have fun doing it!
did we fuck up the internet? part 2
(cont’d) How could the internet be easier to contribute to? I explore 4 possible ways we could relive some tech debt and get more voices online.
did we fuck up the internet? part 1
Are the internet’s designers and maintainers holding the internet back from what it could be?
how to handle responsive font sizes in css
Get perfect, easy-to-use font scaling with less than 1KB of CSS. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!
is it time to retire HTML?
HTML was designed for basic text editing. How is it still holding up in a world where we’re building rich interactive experiences?
not enough people are talking about ES Modules
JavaScript changed forever in 2019. Did you miss it?
the great(er) divide in front-end
A year of reflecting on Chris Coyier’s The Great Divide post. I think it holds up, but requires a little more nuance.
media queries are (still) a hack
Media queries are janky. No, it’s not just you.