All the answers to “should designers code?”

All the answers to the “Should designers code?” question

Too lazy to compile a list of different opinions on the debate? Don’t worry! I’ve compiled them for you:


  1. John Maeda: if you want to survive in design, you better learn to code
  2. Designers Code Differently
  3. Design ♡ Code
  4. Design is Lifelong Learning
  5. Why designers should not code…anymore
  6. I’m a designer. Should I code?
  7. Should designers just put something out and expect the engineers to make it work?
  8. Designers should write content, code, study business & other things people say
  9. Designers Who Code For Real Learn For Real
  10. If you’re not a Software Designer who codes, here’s why you should start now
  11. Should Designers Code?
  12. Should Designers Code?
  13. Why designers should learn to code—or at least consider it
  14. Should UX/UI Designers Code? Finding a Balance Between Yes and No (editor’s note: counting it as a “yes” because it advocates understanding code)


  1. Should designers code… or should developers design?
  2. Should designers code?
  3. “Should Designers Code?” — The final Word (editor’s note: it wasn’t)
  4. The Intersection
  5. Product designers should say f*ck you to being forced to code
  6. Designers shouldn’t code. They should study business.
  7. FAQ: Do UX Designers Need to Know Programming and Computer Science?
  8. Should Designers Code?
  9. Why designers should stop coding (written by a 🦄)

I smartly avoid the question don’t you feel silly now

  1. Breaking the “Should Designers Code” Deadlock
  2. Just Say No to 🦄s
  3. [Death to the ‘designers should code’ argument](http://Death to the ‘designers should code’ argument.)
  4. Should designers learn to code?
  5. Should designers code?
  6. Better questions to ask than “should designers ‘code’?” (editor’s note: such as “why is ‘code’ in quotes?”?)
  7. Should Designers Code?

IDK give us money

  1. Should designers code? The definitive answer.
  2. Should Designers Code?

You should learn Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. Should Designers Learn Code? — a Martial Artist’s Approach

Hopefully this has cleared things up and settled the debate once and for all: designers should learn Shaolin Kung Fu.