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3 Layers of UI Interaction Every interactive UI element should consider all 3 layers; do yours? designdev 10 Years of Frontend Plus another 6 of whatever you called it before that. dev Planet of the Apps: where are they now? Looking back on everyone’s favorite cursed Shark Tank ripoff. tvtech Why aren’t you using Vitest for testing yet? Throw away whatever you’re using already and use this for testing. dev Playwright for visual regression testing in Storybook is stupid easy It will exceed your wildest expectations, or your money back. dev A handbook to animation easings If you use default easings for your animations you might as well not even bother animating it. dev Don’t use HSL HSL is great in theory, but worse than you realize in practice designdev How to get a job coding in 2022, part 2 Go read part 1 first if you haven’t! dev How to get a job coding in 2022, part 1 It’s tough to get started, but the rewards are worth it. dev Did we fuck up the internet? part 2 As the philosopher Thom Yorke once said, “where do we go from here?” dev Did we fuck up the internet? part 1 The principal designs of the internet were made a long time ago, for different uses than what we use it for today. Are keeping those old designs hurting the internet long-term? dev How to handle responsive font sizes in css Get perfect, easy-to-use font scaling with < 1kB of CSS. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! design Is it time to retire HTML? HTML was designed for basic text editing. How is it still holding up in a world where we’re building rich interactive experiences? dev Not enough people are talking about ES Modules JavaScript changed forever in 2019. Did you miss it? dev The great(er) divide in front-end A year of reflecting on Chris Coyier’s “The Great Divide” post. I think it holds up, but requires a little more nuance. dev Media queries are (still) a hack Media queries are janky. No, it’s not just you. dev 4 tips for setting a playfulness budget At what point does whimsy and “delight” turn into user frustration? design CSS puzzles: a mentorship program for better styling How a 12-week program resulted in open-source education dev Secure runtime variables in IronWorker with Manifold Docker secrets with minimal code & configuration dev We migrated to Next.js to serve our home page 7.5× faster server-side rendering by the numbers dev Cloud-jumping: swap hosted services easily with Manifold how to take back full control of your cloud services in one afternoon dev Stylable: the good, the bad, the weird taking the new CSS preprocessor from Wix for a spin dev Envy Labs’ 2017 rebrand rediscovering meaning, returning to form design Anger can be a force for good if expressed right—a huge, ginormous “if” other All the answers to “should designers code?” the eternal war rages on design Dribbble is a painkiller, not a vitamin how instant gratification can curb growth design Responsive modular typography scales in css a time-saving type system with little config and lots of flexibility design Learning javascript? try Vue great for beginners, great for experts dev Web design isn’t becoming more boring, and isn’t losing its soul don’t listen to the haters design webpack + postcss + cssnext writing future CSS in a modern JS setup dev getting started with webpack harnessing the web’s most powerful build tool dev VIM setup for a designer/front-end dev on macOS when you want to use vim but don’t want your eyes to bleed dev Error handling like a three-prong outlet the hidden part of programming dev How to optimize images for web not all optimization techniques are equal dev check out these foundries for new fonts designs looking a little stale? it’s probably your weak fonts design Build your own touch slider with hammer.js high-performance touch events for demanding jobs dev The distributed web part 2: …or do you? when is it time to pony up for custom development? strategy The distributed web part 1: you don’t need a website when to not get sold by marketing speak strategy Are images your slow-down? the secret to optimizing images dev